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Kavita Donkersley (She Wears Fashion)

✨ HOW TO DIY TILE CUBE TABLE ✨ (step by step tutorial)

Content creator and fashion lover Kavita Donkersley encapsulates what it means to be a digital content creator. Kavita’s work has taken her all over the globe; a VIP guest for Lacoste one day, a backpacker ascending to Everest base camp the next. 

Self-professed “Queen of Charity Shops”, Kavita is a sustainable and vintage ambassador at heart and is truly a pro at finding second hand pieces as well as encouraging her loyal following to upcycle and re-use wherever possible, whether this be fashion or homeware. Her audience love getting involved with her self-created “Thrift or Miss” on her social channels where Kavita showcases all of her charity shop finds.


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